All Enabled Sharing Special Needs Information and Resources

Welcome to the website that endeavours to share all and any useful information about Special Needs to individuals, parents, carers and professionals in this field.

We know all too well how difficult it can be to get the right information or advice and have fallen into many a pit on the way. Our aim is to help others find constructive, useful information fast and thereafter share their experiences whether good or bad for others to benefit from.

Toys & Special Equipment?

As many of you have probably already discovered any products to do with special needs are considerably more expensive than commercial high street products. If you have bought something, whether it fantastic or terrible, please sign in and tell us about it. Its this kind of information that will be shared, first hand experiences from people who know rather than standard sales patter designed to make you buy.

Tips Tricks

Have you adapted something that works perfectly and saved money? Sometimes with a little knowledge you can easily adapt readily available products into something that works for you for a fraction of the cost of special equipment. If it works for you it will no doubt work for someone else.

The Good, Bad & The Ugly?

Organisations and specialists seem to be everywhere, often they provide essential services, advice and support, sometimes they don't. Please share your experiences of this or comment on someone else's experiences.

What Help Is Available & How Do You Get It?

We found that just a random conversation with another parent provided the best sources of information that then enabled us to get hold of the same service. Why these services are so often hard to reach is still a bit of a mystery but hopefully this website will be able to break down some of the walls in the way.

If you have used this website to find useful information please also share your experiences to help others. Registering is free and easy enabling you too add to the site and join in.